the Doctor Alexander Myasnikov, known to television viewers as Dr. butcher, dispelled the myth regarding the method of transmission of coronavirus. He wrote about this in your the Telegram channel.

According to him, the coronavirus can not be transmitted through Pets. “The coronavirus they may be, but be transmitted from them to man — no!” — posted by doctor.

He noted that the only proven method of transmission of coronavirus infection is airborne by. The infection cannot spread through water, skin, during pregnancy and childbirth from mother to fetus, and through the ventilation system in the premises.

butchers also indicated a low probability of coronavirus infection through contaminated surfaces, the ventilation system in the infectious hospitals, as well as through the blood. “Through the mucous membranes of eyes and mouth — it is highly likely”, he concluded.

Earlier butchers planilla in the imminent appearance of the vaccine for coronavirus, as clinical trials can last from three to five years. He said that vaccine development can be accelerated by testing it on a limited number of people, but to use new drugs to the whole population is dangerous. In this case the butchers did not rule out that during the development of the vaccine the need for it may disappear.