the Victim in Minneapolis black American George Floyd and police officer Derek Chauvin, who applied a rear naked choke during his detention, a year before the incident worked in the same club. This writes CNN.

According to the publication, the 46-year-old Floyd and 44-year-old Chauvin worked in a Latin nightclub El Nuevo Rodeo in Minneapolis. They are both responsible for enforcing the visitors order. So, first worked as a bouncer, and the second was moonlighting as a security guard.

As reported by the former owner of the club Maya Santamaria (Maya Santamaria), Floyd and Sovana not be called acquaintances, but in certain shifts, they overlap. She described the deceased African-American great guy, known for his wide smile. “And knowing Chauvin, who was I can’t believe he didn’t have enough humanity not to listen to this poor man, asking to breathe,” admitted Santamaria.

Mass protests accompanied by riots with clashes with police continue in Minneapolis on may 26. The townspeople staged a demonstration against police brutality after the death of a local resident, a black security guard George Floyd, who died a few hours after he was arrested with use of force. Subsequently took to the streets, supporters of the movement against violence against black Lives Matter Black (“black Lives matter”), the protests escalated into riots, pogroms, looting, shooting and arson. In the city to enhance the security already deployed National guard and armored vehicles, curfew.