a well-Known doctor and TV presenter Alexander Myasnikov said his words in an interview with Ksenia Sobchak on what to kill for insults acceptable.

He emphasized that his words were honest and so ready to stand up for their honor, because it is “in the blood of every man.” However, this does not mean that he is ready to deal with every offender in this way.

“that doesn’t mean I’ll go with the axe to kill someone. Of course not. If I do not bring”, – he explained his words to “Rise”.

the Presenter agreed that in a civilized society the punishment for abuse provided by a separate law. But at the same time, he noted, modern society has become acceptable to denigrate the man, knowing that “it will be nothing”. This is especially true of the Internet, I noticed the butchers. He expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that people today constantly insulting the President, broadcasters and many others.

In an interview with Sobchak Dr. butcher told the story of his friend who killed two people for insulting on national basis. For this crime he spent 20 years. Speaking about his act, the butchers said that he understands him because he defended his honor and dignity.

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