the Process of uniting the Arkhangelsk region and Nenets Autonomous district was placed “on the brake”. The acting NAO and the Arkhangelsk region Yury Bezdomny and Alexander Tsybulsky said that while early to speak about the merger of their regions. The head of the NAO said that he receives “not the most biased comment” on the subject.

Bezdomny calls not to politicize the issue and explains the initiative of the Union solely for economic reasons. The acting Governor of the Arkhangelsk region Cybulski guaranteed that on September 13 there was no referendum on the issue of unification be not be exact. Meanwhile, residents of the NAO did not believe the statements of the authorities and continue to carry with them an undeclared war.

Alexander Tsybulsky rules Nenets Autonomous district from October 2018 to April 2020, and left as his successor his Deputy Bezdolnogo. Now both in the district called the opposition “traitors”.

Daily NAO held pickets against the merger with the Arkhangelsk region, in the center of Naryan-Mar sing the national anthem of the County, two petitions against the Association (one in social networks, the other on the website has collected almost 11 thousand and about 2,5 thousand accordingly, when the region’s population of 42 thousand people. Against the Association held a rally. The Association of Nenets people “Yasavey” made an appeal, stating that the Memorandum of Association of heads of regions “signed in secret from the people, taking advantage of the quarantine.” And that the merger will result in the deterioration of the economic situation in the NAO.

Deputies of the Autonomous Okrug complain that they are abused not only ordinary residents of the region, but even relatives and friends. Turned the real persecution of those who remained silent or even supported the takeover of the district Arkhangelsk region. The protesters are calling in September to vote against Bezdolnogo on elections of the head of the NAO. Against this background ten members of the primary Department of the “United Russia” in the Nenets village of Indiga wrote a statement about leaving the party. Four more promised to make it to may 29. In the village of Red from the “United Russia” decided to exit 17 of 19 members of the primary organization. They all expressed their disagreement to unite with the Arkhangelsk region.

what has caused such fierce resistance, “MK” has found out from the experts:

Alexander Kynev, a political scientist: “the NAO already gives a portion of their income from the extraction of raw material resources of the Arkhangelsk region. This Treaty is the exchange of money for independence.

In this regard, the statement Cybulski – an attempt to make a beautiful face on a bad game. He wants to get out of the idiotic situation in which self-driven. The idea of uniting in the NAO do not use at all or no support. Cybulski led the district for two years, but AB��olute not understand what is happening there and what the locals mood. Now it looms on the horizon, the failure of the referendum if it is, and the failure of the gubernatorial election.

this Whole story proves a complete lack of political analysis. If the team Cybulski at first thought, and then offered, this initiative would never have happened. The Governor has no right to speak so ill-considered statements. By the way, in 2007, was also an attempt of unification, but it failed, and NAO occupied the last place in the votes cast for United Russia during the elections. That is Tsybulsky even the political history of the region knows.

NAO – developed district with their regional identity. In Arkhangelsk it is always understood and was respectful to the neighbor. About a quarter of the population of the County is the Nenets and Komi. All the arguments in favor of the merger no relation to reality are not, and the locals understand this.

Alexei Makarkin, Vice-President of the Center for political technologies: “first, NAO fear that their incomes will be distributed in the whole Arkhangelsk oblast. Second, today is NAO – independent region with its ruling elite, which may lose their positions after the merger. While the idea of unification were made not by the Federal government, and Tsibulsky, which need need to shift the news agenda from negative to positive Chiesa extension region. Including this he left in the NAO of his successor Yuri Bezdolnogo.

But the situation is more complex than it initially seemed. If in Arkhangelsk the idea of unification may still be in some form part of the campaign Cybulski, the NAO will not be anything like. Accordingly, it was decided to tone down the rhetoric with the unions on a soft approach.

to merge the regions have to hold a referendum in the NAO. And to falsify it do not succeed, as the local ruling elite is also unhappy with the prospect of unification. And the population of the district is small, all each other know. Tampering will be noticeable and will lead to a big scandal”.