At the tomb of the 37-year-old Tatyana Freidline – the lonely funeral wreath with a ribbon, “From her husband and children.” Tatiana did not 9 may. She was an anesthesiologist and expert in resuscitation in the Clinical center of the University named after Sechenov. During the epidemic were not working in the “red zone”. The mother of two children was at home on maternity leave to care for a child. Was pregnant another. How the virus got into her house, and no one else could understand. Doctors managed to save the newborn.

More than 10 days Tatiana spent on the ventilator. The transfusion of blood plasma with antibodies COVID-19 did not help.

We phoned the husband of Tatiana Victor by Freidline night. It was a difficult conversation.

– of Course, I will talk about his painting immediately agreed man. Only a short time, I have children to stack.

In the handset, hear the cry of the baby. Very close. Most likely, Victor kept the son in his arms.

the First question arose by itself: “With children cope?”.

– Manage. Where do I go. Always me.

grandparents help?

– so far we have not. We’re on quarantine.

– Children normally feel?

Yeah, they didn’t hurt. Tests all negative.


There were a lot of pauses in our conversation. Recently, the journalists often talk with those who have buried loved ones. It would seem, can be used. And I still don’t know what the right words during a conversation.

“the plasma Transfusion didn’t help,”

Your wife is herself a doctor. She was afraid of becoming infected?

– Precisely because the doctor, so even more afraid. Tanya, like anyone else, understood the danger of the virus, consequences. I explained what changes occur with light. When the epidemic began, we just bought a lot of masks, gloves, antiseptics. Tanya studied all the news on the subject, traced, from what took infected.

– Who first got sick in the family?

We almost simultaneously got sick. I’m a little early. Although my tests came back negative. Tanya began to treat me, and she… Look, she was pregnant, could not take some drugs, even her CT scan was contraindicated. From the doctor we did not cause, temperature, and Tanya was not observed. After a few days, Tanya has become worse, but not critical. Called up the doctor.

Her colleagues knew that Tanya was sick?

– you Know, everything happened so fast. Tanya did not have time to tell anybody.

Where could she be infected?

I do Not know. It’s not clear where they can bring infection. I could, for example, from the store. Tanya herself did not go anywhere, sitting at home. Will tell how it was. The story is very short.

on April 25 we called the house doctor. Tanya was taken to hospital for a CT, not far from��it at home to Dinamo. From there to another hospital. There she became ill. Hospitalized in hospital No. 15. Once connected to the ventilator. April 29 did an emergency C-section. The child was born seven months premature.

Tanya never regained consciousness after the surgery. May 9 she was on a ventilator. It was trying to “keep”. I called the hospital every day for four times. Timeline set – 9.00,12.00, 15.00 and 21.00.

You asked for help to colleagues Tatiana from Sechenov Institute?

– When I realized that the situation is critical, contacted her colleagues, asked for help. I honestly did not expect such support. The medical community rallied. When Tanya was on a ventilator in the hospital kept calling her friends, colleagues, friends. All helped, advised the doctors who treated her. Wife pulled the entire world. She seems to be a “cleaned” light, transfusion of plasma. Tried all possible methods. Nothing helped.

Pregnancy played a role?

I was told if not pregnant, then 95 percent of the masses would have survived. When she was with caesarean, her immune system plummeted… may 9, I called and said that my Tanya died. I believed to the last that she will survive.

“On the one grave I said goodbye to the wife”

– When you last spoke with Tatiana?

– In the day when she was hospitalized. Tanya even then if understood that it is not going to make it. Asked not to leave children. Now I realize she probably said goodbye to me. As a physician, she was well aware that chances to survive at it a little. But I was hoping. I comforted her: “do not say Stupidity, we’ll manage”. She kept saying, “take Care children, I love you”.

Who born you?

a Boy. Now in our family three boys.

Called what?

– Anatoly, in honor of the father of Tatiana.

You have shown the boy?

– of Course. I now go regularly to the hospital where he lies. Give the son the diapers and the wipes. The child is not yet allowed.

– the newborn has no coronavirus?

No. He is absolutely “clean”. Due to the fact that he was born premature, is in intensive care box.

wife were Buried in a closed coffin?

– of Course, it is not buried.

– Someone from the relatives of Tatiana was in the cemetery?

– no One was allowed to. I was saying goodbye to Tanya about the grave. Well, my colleagues agreed at this time to sit with my kids. I have kids though independent – the oldest is 10, youngest is 1.3 years, but to control them, so nothing gets done.

– How to continue going to handle kids?

– I will Try to live exactly as you planned with Tanya. We live in a “kopeck piece”. It is necessary to buy a bunk bedI. Yet does not reach the hands… the apartment is a mess. Tanya, how was taken, so I still can’t remove her things, and lies. Begin to clean up, stifled tears. Wait until let go. If I let you go…

you Know, Tanya, it is not an easy fate. 4 years ago she buried her first husband, who died from sudden cardiac arrest. Next to him and buried his wife. From the first marriage she had a son. He is now 10 years that we should have custody.

– To work planning to leave?

– Tanya, when two of us were laughing – as we go to work when everyone can make it. And now I have one left. In the near future to work. Will issue the decree. But the service sooner or later get have children to feed. I myself work in the criminal investigation, plenty of work.

While we were talking with Victor, a child crying verse.

Shaking son, he fell asleep, sighed the companion. – Going to shift in the bed.

We said goodbye. I hung up the phone. Realized that there’s a lot more asked. But to call back and again to pester with questions, became uncomfortable.

In memory list of doctors who died during the pandemic COVID-19, name Tatyana Freidline number 203.

Colleagues about Tatiana Freidline

the head nurse Anastasia Volkhonskaya: “Tatiana in medicine for a long time. When I was in high school, worked in Sechenovka a nurse, then became an anesthesiologist-resuscitator. That she got sick, we learned from colleagues in the 15th hospital where she was hospitalized. Myself Tanya never said.

She underwent an emergency caesarean because he was a threat to the life of the child and the mother. The child was rescued, the boy is now in Tushino hospital. Tanya can’t handle.

Where she was exposed to, I don’t know. There is only speculation. Now pregnant women can’t pass all the tests in one antenatal clinic. Ultrasound has to be done in one hospital screenig at another institution, else some tests – in the third.

Boris Podmazov, anesthesiologist: “Tanya and I met at the last place of work, on the basis of one of the clinics sechenovskiy University, where she held the position of resuscitation. She was bright, kind man, able to cope with any problems.

Tanya for a short time was for me, then still a student, not only a mentor but also a friend. She was always ready to help and to provide maximum support, even when she herself was hard. Adversity on her journey had enough. At such moments, we supported it. Sometimes he went on trips to other cities, just wandered in Moscow’s parks, talking about everything.

Tanya kept her spirits up even when to get up, it seemed, was impossible. She was a strong person with strong character.

Shortly before the illness, she wrote to me, interested in feature��and treatment of new infections. At that time I worked as a doctor in another place, then just opened for reception of patients with the virus. Talked, reassured each other. Ended the conversation, as usual, on a positive note.

About her illness, I learned later, from friends, when Tanya was in critical condition on a ventilator. The disease proceeded rapidly. On a day when she was gone, I reported it to colleagues.

By occupation, in the intensive care unit every day I see how people leave. Among them young and old. Trying to be professional. But to the departure of close colleagues, is impossible to adjust. All the framework of a professional relationship at this point are erased.

the Body-Thani did not cope with the infection. Despite the fact that she was given professional medical aid in full and all available means. The human body – not a man-made mechanism, where absolutely everything correct, so the outcome is not always dependent on the possibilities of modern medicine.”