the state Duma intends to allow the travel agencies to return people vouchers instead of money for missed tours. However, this is only for operators involved in travelling within the country. Taking the bill as drafted, members will oblige firms sending clients abroad to provide them with only the cache. To offer the client to postpone the trip will be impossible. But what, then, do companies whose accounts were empty because of the restrictions caused by the pandemic? Then the losers will be both tour operators and tourists to extract money from someone who is long gone — it is a utopia.

the Russian Union of travel industry (PCT) and the Russian Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs (RSPP) saw the threat of a collapse of industry and mass bankruptcies of companies, if the bill on the support of industry did not include measures to help firms involved in foreign travel.

we will Remind, on may 12, the state Duma adopted in the first reading amendments to the bill on the right tour operators to return to the tourists instead of money for unsold tickets, the vouchers – that is, the right to use the same or an alternative tour later. Three days later, the MPs made to the bill to clarify that this opportunity is only available to companies involved in domestic and inbound tourism. In other words, if the company sold the permit in Russia cancelled because of a pandemic, it will have the right not to return the money, and offer tourists another tour or to postpone paid. But it will not apply to outbound travel. For them, funds will have to return. Second reading of the bill scheduled for may 20.

“the actions of the state are now focused on support of the Russian tour operators, working in Russia. This will help develop domestic tourism, so that travelers would spend money domestically rather than abroad”, — said the first Vice-President of “OPORA Russia” Paul Segal. Meanwhile, the demand for outbound tourism among Russians grows every year. Only in 2019 — plus 12-15%. Approximately the same number of travelers as fresh opinion polls show, are willing to go abroad for vacation and after coronavirus restrictions will be lifted. If the government will only support the part of the operators, the millions of travelers whose tours abroad cancelled because of the pandemic, did not get any of the money spent on a ticket or voucher for a future visit.

According to the Association of tour operators of Russia (ATOR), as of may tourist companies have already accumulated over 600 thousand pending outbound tours, and with the apparent cancellation of visits in June-July, their number will rise to more than 800 thousand Total prepayments by them already exceeds 50 billion rubles, the Number of tourists who can lose and stay, and money, is enormous: at the time��th estimated 1.7 to 2 million people.

will Suffer from the proposed restrictions all sides, says chief analyst at “Teletrade” mark real. “To oblige tour operators to pay this debt impossible. They have long sent received from people receiving the foreign side, airlines and hotels. To get them back is almost impossible, especially in conditions of closure of the industry in most countries”, — said the expert.

According to Goihman if forced to return tourists these funds, the consequences could be dire. Take the money companies of nowhere and the tour operators will go bankrupt, and people lose hope to regain their money. If you impose penalties on the funds available companies, you will be removed including the money intended for the organization of domestic tours. After all, most firms operate in the domestic and external fronts simultaneously. Therefore, the lack of funds will hit holidaymakers gathered in Sochi, Karelia or the Altai Republic.

it is Clear that the pandemic will seriously change the tourism industry for the next few years. Even after the flights will be restored, travelers will begin to mass to visit other countries. First, it is unsafe, and the risk of Contracting coronavirus. Secondly, after the long weekend, the population is much less on vacation. However, to share tourists on those who support domestic resorts and those who prefer to vacation abroad, at least, unfair. It all smacks of blatant lobbying. Interviewed by “MK” experts believe that the best way is vouchers for all. Because it is not a waste of money, and the civilized the selection of different individual options deferral of replacement rounds, combination of interests.