A donor can donate blood as early as a month after vaccination against coronavirus. This was told by the chief doctor of the Gavrilov Blood Center of the Moscow Department of Health, Olga Mayorova.

According to her, if a person has had COVID-19 (provided that he did not have severe pneumonia), then, as with a respiratory disease, you can donate blood a month after recovery. “When vaccinating, too, a month after the last vaccine, if it is a two-component one,” RIA Novosti quotes Mayorova.

The Sverdlovsk region has become the leader in the number of honorary donors. For five months of 2021, 457 citizens were registered there who were awarded the badge “Honorary Donor of Russia”, the press service of the Federal Medical and Biological Agency reported in July. Next are the Nizhny Novgorod Region (371), Moscow (336) and the Chelyabinsk Region (257).