A member of the Public chamber of Russia Sultan Khamzayev proposed to create the distribution system for students who were in the paid Department, but are not able to pay for the training. A copy of the letter addressed to the head of the Ministry Anton Kotakova has RT.

According to Khamzayev, some families can’t afford to pay the tuition of children enrolled in the universities. This situation was aggravated during the period of the pandemic, which has led to reduced incomes, loss of jobs, he said.

“we Ask you to consider the possibility to return to the practice of the mechanism of distribution of graduates, namely, to allow young people who are at the introductory trials were a paid Department, but are not able to pay for their education, to enter into contracts for training on a grant basis on the condition that after graduation they will have two years to work in any region of Russia”, — said in the text of the appeal.

Thus, according to the authors of the initiative if the student refuses placement after graduation or will be expelled, it will be obliged to reimburse the money spent on his training.

Hamzayev said that the implementation of this idea will allow young citizens to education regardless of their financial capability, and will also help to overcome the lack of professionals in regions of the country.

Earlier, the Minister of education and science Valeriy Falkov said that the number of budget places in Russian universities will increase by 9% in 2021/22 academic year.