Natalia Friske declassify his mysterious suitor. He was a longtime loyal friend of the girl.

Friske put a picture together on instagram and left an intriguing signature.

“my Friend, thank you for the evening.”

As reports 5 Channel, knight Natalia works as a psychiatrist and psychotherapist.

Followers considered that Friske ahead positive changes in your personal life.

“Here with the man I see you”, “You are such a beautiful couple!!! Let’s get married already”, “Harmoniously together”.

Someone remembered about the second husband of Natalya, the emergency situations Ministry.

“where’s Serguei-the fireman?”

The answer was not long in coming.

“I’ve Heard that Sergei had retired as a husband!”, – announced a more informed podistica.

To develop a “wedding” theme Friske already decided in stories.

“We have proposed to me, and I’m thinking… I offer five years ago did, I even was married!”

Her friend also joined in the conversation.

“seven Years ago. I have a 12 year waiting for her, already her second marriage!”

As previously wrote”the Rambler”, Recently Natalia Friske explained to fans why she abandoned a career as a singer.

A constantly asked her on social media, why she continued the work her late sister and did not come out to sing on the big stage.

In the comments under one of the posts on the social network Instagram, she said that everyone in this life your way, and she chose this. the

Publish from Natalia Friske (@friske_natalia) 8 Aug 2020 6:51 PDT