In the capital today already dropped about two annual rates of precipitation, according to the website “Meteonovosti”.

“the Calendar came in the second half, and fallen in the capital of precipitation from January through July have already exceeded the norm almost twice. Of the seven past five months, monthly precipitation exceeded the norm,” — said in the message.

Little precipitation in the city was celebrated in April, then fell only 20.8 mm at the rate of 44 mm. And in February the amount of precipitation that fell in the city, consistent with the usual for the last winter month values.

In the remaining months of the current year the nature has been generous in precipitation. As a result, the normal total precipitation for the seven months in 376 millimeters have already fallen to 650 millimeters.

The rainiest month of the year was may, then fell more than three monthly norms. In June the monthly norm of precipitation was exceeded more than twice, and in July recorded a 180% of the monthly norm of precipitation.

The first decade of August was dedicated to the residents of the capital, practically dry weather for eight days at ENEA recorded the loss of only 0.1 mm of rainfall.