The statement of the artist Sergei Zagraevsky, who was expert in the talk show “Let them talk”, his disastrous financial situation was not true. This is with reference to the journalist Denis Sorokin writes “”.

As reported by “the Rambler”, the academician of the Russian Academy of arts Sergey Zagraevsky died in the night of 5 to 6 July on 56-m to year of life. Shortly before his death he complained of a crisis because of the coronavirus, falling incomes and a sharp decline in living standards.

“Stop lying about his poverty! The shooting of the talk show, he always went, not for income but for emotions. Then they splashed on her paintings. The starving or needy, he never looked – always immaculately dressed, always with new brooches,” said Denis Sorokin.

He also stressed that the problems with the sale of paintings, complained of by Zagraevsky, “common to all is the situation”.

While friends of the artist and his colleagues on the set were not aware of the heart problems in expert. However, a few months before the tragedy Zagraevsky surprised everyone by talking about death and children born out of wedlock, said “the Source”.

“I Have two children: one is already over thirty, and the other sixteen. Their names are max and Ian. They may not even know that I’m their father. But I know and follow them in social networks. I understand that it is difficult for them. I am ashamed! If I leave this life, remember: I have two more illegitimate children,” he told the TV show “Let them talk”.