Art Director singer Boris Moiseyev Sergey Peas in an interview with "the Fifth channel," commented on reports about the status of the artist.

Informed music critic Sergei Neighbors and producer of "Tender may" Andrei Razin in an interview with "the Source" told about the health problems of Moses. According to Razin, the artist supposedly "doesn’t remember people, no recollection of the events".

Director singer said that actually with Moses all right. Singer of life "artist-pensioner" monitors the health, walks, watching movies and record their statements once a year goes to Jurmala, which also communicates with friends and colleagues.

"He is not alone, believe me. He’s all right. His mood is excellent. I visit him almost every day. He is a positive person, with a humor attitude. But the stuff that they write about him… He sees these articles and is upset," said Pea.

According to him, connected with Moses are constantly his fans, relatives from Israel and Canada. He often calls to Alla Pugacheva, and periodically Filipp Kirkorov, Kristina Orbakaite, Nelly Kobzon and other celebrities.

The words that Moses supposedly no one will know, also a surprise to its Director.

"Who is it? Whom he allegedly does not know? Andrei Razin met with him, talked. With Boris they had posmeyalas all night. Don’t know why there are such inferences," he said.

The fall in the number of Telegram-channel information that of Moses after stroke urgently transported for treatment to Moscow from Jurmala, where he spent the summer. In October the art Director Sergey Moiseyev Peas told RIA Novosti that this information is two years old, and disseminated information in the media about the problems of the artist’s health is untrue.