Member of the Federation Council Konstantin Kosachev expressed regret over the position of NATO on the US withdrawal from the Treaty on open skies. According to him, the decision of the Alliance to “stand on the American side,” and to accuse Russia in “selective enforcement” of the agreement, is irresponsible.

The allies thereby also destroy the agreement. Their position does not correspond to the real situation, as they act in accordance with their interests, said Kosachev in an interview with RT.

"There is a strict Euro-Atlantic discipline and the confidence of US allies that in any difficult situations Americans will protect the European theatre of operations", — said the Senator.

Earlier reported that the head of the foreign service of the European Union Josep Borrell called on the leadership of the United States to abandon its intention to withdraw from the international Treaty on open skies. Borrell said that, however, requires the unconditional implementation of the Treaty by Russia.