This year project “Direct payments” of the social insurance Fund of the Russian Federation joined 18 new regions. From 1 January 2021 he will also be joined Moscow and Moscow region Than “direct payments” are different from the previous mechanism and what benefits they give, “AIF” told in the FSS. Before all the sick, children and other social benefits were paid only by “scoring scheme”: the employer paid them, and then SIF was giving him that amount. In “direct payments,” the money goes directly from the Fund. The exact list of regions that are involved in the project can be found on the FSS website.

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Directly from the Fund you can obtain the following benefits: temporary disability (sick leave), maternity (maternity), single women who have registered in early terms of pregnancy, a lump sum for child birth, monthly for child care up to 1.5 years, etc. the Employee provides to the employer the documents proving his right to receive benefits (sick leave or the number of the electronic hospital, the birth certificate of the child, etc.). Also writes a statement, which specifies which method of the benefit he chooses: at the map “the World” or postal order. Then the employer no later than 5 calendar days reports to the territorial authority FSS worker information in electronic form or documents necessary for the calculation of benefits. The Foundation transfers the benefit to the employee on the Bank account or postal order. Money will be transferred within 10 calendar days after receipt of the documents necessary for appointment and payment of benefits.Direct payments to citizens is guaranteed benefits regardless of the financial viability of employers. Also excludes any potential irregularities in their nomination. The amount of benefits will always comply with the legislation of the Russian Federation, and payments will not be delayed.

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Before moving to specific regions of the country for direct payments, the Fund conducts extensive work to clarify to employers and citizens of the new order of payment of benefits. Employers are trained to fill electronic registers information that will be transferred to the Fund for the payment of benefits. Appreciating the convenience and ease of direct payments employers do not what do not resist, but rather seek to escape from the legacy “scoring” mechanism of social benefits and transfer your organization on a pilot project. The result is less time-consuming for the accounting Department for processing and calculation of benefits, financial costs ��and a distraction of its own funds for the payment of allowances and their subsequent reimbursement from the Fund.