Today to help those suffering in different ways. Some transfer the money yourself on these details. Others hold charity auctions and raising money for a particular purpose. Others are looking for additional options. There is a built-in charity. Today it is gaining popularity. In this case we are talking about options, when various shops, companies or banks run your program. That is, the network client or the Bank sufficient to pay for the service or purchase the goods for a percentage of the purchase went to the charity account. It looks like the built-in charity. Today one of the most well-known funds that are involved in supporting people in old age is the Foundation “Starost V radost'”.

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Charity Foundation “Starost’ V radost” was registered in 2011. He grew out occurred in 2007, the same name of the volunteer movement, whose main task was to improve the quality of life of older people in nursing homes. The strategic goal of the Foundation is to build in Russia a system of care that will be available to every elderly person caught in a difficult situation. At the moment, “the old Age in pleasure” oversees more than 350 nursing homes and state psychiatric institutions throughout Russia. One of the options to support the Foundation and its grantees worked for VTB. The program was launched with a built-in charity from “VTB Capital Investment.” Now 20% of the remuneration for managing the Fund’s assets “Gold”, the management company will be transferred to the trust Fund “an old Age in pleasure”. This means that every invested client thousand rubles will be transferred to 2 rubles of own funds in the charity Fund. It is important to note that this is the first such case in Russia, when a charity is listed that is part of the profit of the management company and not part of the funds of the client. “For our investors, it is important that investments are not just worked, and worked for the benefit of society. Just two weeks ago we launched Russia’s first responsible investment funds. In such a mutual Fund selects securities of companies that focus on solving social and environmental problems of society. World practice shows that in the long term they show more stable results growth of the business. Offer opportunities for automatic charity if the investment is another important step that aimed to participate in solving social problems of society. While I would like to emphasize that the Foundation on charity napravlyayutI means solely of remuneration of the management company and not from the profit of the client. In the future we want to expand opportunities for our clients in the direction of the charity funds during the investment,” — said CEO of “VTB Capital Investment”, head of brokerage services Department of the Bank senior Vice President Vladimir Potapov.

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“We have several years of successful cooperation, and I’m glad that this project takes our interaction to a new level. Now, “old age is a joy” cooperates with more than 350 nursing homes and psycho-neurological boarding schools in 50 regions of Russia. We regularly receive a large number of requests, and, as a rule, they concern the Essentials of care and hygiene, additional hours of staff work. Also, many older people need eye surgery, help in prosthetics, and in many nursing homes need repairs. The proceeds from the project will help the elderly and disabled, and thus will make their lives a little bit happier,” shared the Director of the charity Foundation “Starost V radost ‘” Elizabeth of Oleskina.