Died party punk band Stranglers Dave Greenfield. The keyboardist died at the age of 71 years, and the cause of his death was a coronavirus.

British musician contracted the infection at the hospital when she was treated there due heart problems, and died 3 may, BBC reports.

Greenfield was born in Brighton in 1949, he graduated from school, became a professional guitar player and played in various bands. In the early 1970-ies, he decided to return to England and became a resident of the Tiffany club in Swansea, Wales.

By the way, he was the author of the biggest hit Golden Brown. Later, this song won the second place in the British singles chart in 1982.

Recall that the number of victims of coronavirus in the world has already exceeded 250 thousand people of the total population of the planet. In many countries imposed quarantine or isolation, citizens urged to stay home.