MOSCOW, may 2 – RIA Novosti. The deceased cleric of the metochion of the Solovetsky monastery in Moscow, Hierodeacon Nicephorus (Ovchinnikov) had symptoms, which can be a coronavirus infection, but the laboratory he was not confirmed, said on Saturday the RIA Novosti on the farmstead.

Previously, the number of channels in the Telegram wrote that the Minister farmsteads died April 28, in the result of infection with a coronavirus.

According to the representative of the monastery, the cause of death of deacon Nicephorus, in accordance with medical opinion, were, first and foremost, “the form of cardiopulmonary diseases”.

“the Virus COVID-19 was not identified,” – said the Agency interlocutor. He added that physicians recognized the possible presence of coronavirus infection in a deacon, but laboratory tests it clearly was not confirmed.

solovetskoe Podvorye in Moscow there are three monks.

Previously a working group under the Patriarch for the coordination of the activities of Church institutions in terms of the spread of coronavirus infection reported that as a result of infection COVID-19 died four representatives of the clergy of the Russian Orthodox Church. The Bishop of Zheleznogorsk and Lgov Benjamin, Archpriest Vladimir Veriga and Ministers the Epiphany Yelokhovo Cathedral Archpriest Alexander Ageikin and archdeacon Eugene Trofimov.

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