but In Europe continue to weaken quarantine measures. The inhabitants of Spain on may 2 allowed to go out for sports. However, to do this they must strictly adhere to the change: young in the morning, seniors in the evening. Violators of the established rules can be stopped by the police. In the coming days in many European countries will also open shops and restaurants, where it will be necessary to pre-enroll.

Spain gradually begin to weaken quarantine measures, which were considered the most stringent in Europe. So, since may 2, people are free to play sports on the street. However, go for a jog or bike ride, they should be strictly in his shift, reports the New York Times.

In Italy again, increased mortality from COVID-19

a According to the decision of the government, the entire population will be divided by age groups will be allocated a certain period of time in sports. Such measures are provided in order to avoid the crowds on the streets.

The first shift is from 6:00 to 10:00 – got citizens older than 14 years. In the evening, they can go on hour walks in the period from 20:00 to 23:00 local time. The older generation walk begins at 10:00 and lasts until 12:00. In the evening they can be outside from 19:00 to 20:00.

Many citizens did not waste any time and immediately went to the street, which was almost not released since March 14.

“the race gave me a huge sense of freedom, — said the NYT student Sofia Correa, who made a run for the centre of Madrid. We can only hope that after these concessions, the number of cases will not rise again.”

Emotions of local residents now have regular meetings on the street.

“I enjoyed my walk doubly, as he saw the happy faces of the people greeted each other in the streets like in the old days, — said a local resident Pablo Martinez, who came to exercise power walk. – It gives hope that things will get better soon. Including in the sphere of business”.

According to Martinez, this month he plans to restore the work of your massage parlor, which closed in mid-March because of the quarantine. He was then fired 50 of its employees.

“the Main task now is to figure out how fast the business will return to normal”, he said.

In a sign that the spread of coronavirus really is on the decline, last Friday in Madrid has closed the temporary hospital, which was equipped at the largest exhibition center of the city for the treatment of patients with COVID-19.

However, alert residents of Spain cannot be, warns Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez on Twitter.

“We are taking another step in the weakening of the isolation, but this should be done with caution and responsibility. The virus is still there, so we should strictly follow the recommendations on hygiene and social distancing” — he wrote.

The government also asked the population to wear masks in public places and transport is mandatory.

Earlier, Prime Minister had already announced the approach of the “zero phase” in the process of weakening of quarantine measures. So, from may 4 for a limited visit will open some stores where you will need to pre-enroll. Some restaurants will also serve a limited number of visitors take-out only.

According to the latest world health organization, the number of people infected in the result COVID-19 in Spain over the past day amounted to 518 people died of 268 patients.

a Earlier it became known that on may 4, national quarantine will begin to weaken and Italy, where, according to report of who, was the 1872 case of infection in recent days and 285 deaths. This was announced by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte at a press conference at Facebook.

“We must guarantee the renewal of life, but with full awareness of responsibility. 4 may remain restrictions on the movement for no reason at all, including between the regions, however, the reunification of families,” said Conte.

In the first place will open its parks and gardens, but walking there will only be in the family circle. To resume your workout will also be able athletes that represent Italy in international competitions.

“as of may 4, will resume production and work on construction sites, and also wholesale trade in all sectors,” said the Prime Minister.

Retail stores and museums will open on may 18. Beauty salons, hair salons, and bars and restaurants will start to work from 1 June. May 4 will also carry out a funeral ceremony in the traditional manner, but to attend them, can not exceed 15 people. Everyone should keep a distance even within families, I’m sure Conte.

Other European countries have also already announced tentative easing of restrictions. In Lithuania, where during the day, caught 10 people allowed to open cafes, beauty salons and museums in compliance with the established measures for prevention of infections. In a cafe, for example, desks should be placed at a distance of two meters from each other, and to sit behind them could not have more than two people. In the cultural, entertainment and sports companies also can go only two by two.

Gradually return to normalcy will begin and residents of Ecuador, said the President, Lenin Moreno. A day in the country was 259 new patients, died on 17.

“on 4 may, will begin a new phase of the struggle with coronalthe irus. However, this does not mean that the sanitary-epidemiological emergency is over”, — said the head of state.

There in different parts of the country will apply the levels of risk in accordance with the epidemiological situation: red, yellow and green. Depending on that will type of relief. In the best scenario, public and commercial institutions will be able to work at 70%, and in addition to opening trade residents will also be allowed to move freely.

Expect easing measures and insulation in the UK, where during the last day recorded 6 032 patients died 674. The decision of the authorities to name the Prime Minister Boris Johnson after returning to Downing street, suggests the Telegraph.

“on 7 may, the day when the government is legally obliged to reconsider quarantine measures, but if Boris wants to change the restrictions before then, or at least to inform about something, he can do it earlier”, — told the newspaper source close to Johnson.