Friend actress Anastasia Zavorotnyuk told that it passed inspection before the next pregnancy. He stressed that there were no abnormalities in her body is not revealed.

— a year before pregnancy she’s had in elite medical center thorough examination. She was preparing for hormonal therapy, which helped her to get pregnant. She passed all doctors, no more tumors at that time was not discovered, — quotes words of the source portal Popcake.

A friend of the actress added that the disease was discovered after delivery. She rapidly progressed, so the celebrity had to use hormone therapy as a treatment. This could lead to poor health Zavorotnyuk.

In September 2019, the media published evidence that Anastasia Zavorotnyuk was in intensive care in serious condition. Doctors diagnosed her with a malignant brain tumor. Later it was reported that the actress was connected to the ventilator.

A month later, the native star confirmed that she is undergoing treatment. Director of the actress responded to rumors about the collection of money, later daughter Anastasia told about the condition of the mother.

Note that in June, the media reported about a possible return of the artist to work in theatre and film. According to the source, a serious illness has completely passed the stage of remission.