to Tighten the requirements for Smoking rooms intend the Ministry of health and the Ministry of construction. Smoking will protect not only smoke, but also from the contemplation of fans to drag on a cigarette.

the New requirements will affect the Smoking room in airports and other places where designated Smoking areas are provided. Innovation only two. The first aims to smoker he changed his mind and refused to addiction. To do this, in the Smoking room you will see the information boards with text and pictures about the dangers of Smoking and the smoke effect on the body. And to quit Smoking was easier on the stand will host the hotline Advisory centre help in quitting tobacco consumption. But the second innovation rather Smoking. Not to serve them a bad example, Smoking is hide from the eyes of those who have not fallen into the trap of tobacco companies. Now the rules only require you to equip designated Smoking area good ventilation to tobacco smoke did not mix with the surrounding air. As stated in the draft order, isolated places for Smoking must be arranged so as to prevent observation of Smoking from other rooms. Variants of implementation of the new requirements are two: either move the Smoking room to the far corner where nobody employees, visitors, or passengers are not serviced or replaced glass partitions and opaque,