the Terrible mistrust which accompanied us all the pandemic coronavirus, gradually recedes, and now the idea to buy mushrooms or berries from the hands doesn’t seem unreasonable. Merchants happy is to travel only a few tens of kilometers from the Moscow ring road, as you will see on the side of the grandparents with buckets. The absolute hit of the July – chanterelles! Online store for polukilogrammovy box red mushroom will ask for 450 rubles, and on the road – for the same money will be poured into the package impressive bucket. Only one question remains: is it safe or possible to remember the old joke “Mushrooms are certainly not poisonous? I for Tiffany”? Correspondent “MK” talked to experts about this.

unlike markets and supermarkets, the men on the track and measure out the mushrooms not by weight but by volume. Impressive bucket of chanterelles on the Kiev highway – 400 rubles, a pound and a bit less pull on the 300, and if you just substitute a large package such that the Shoe box would fit! – it will fill up to the top and ask for it 1200 rubles. No checkweighers, of course, is not in sight.

by the Way, modern progress the industry is also not left. Open popular website of the trade hands: please pounds of chanterelles – 380 rubles, a pickup from the metro station “Lenin Square” in Moscow. Another suggestion – 400 rubles from the Voykovskaya and refinement: they say that the mushrooms freshly picked from the forest!

Again, no guarantee – who gathered, where, how far from the road.

However, there are occasions curious: how to tell avid mushroom pickers, stand at the curb with buckets is kind of the business, but not always based on fair forest hunt. Sometimes everything is easier.

– I’m every fall I go mushroom picking, I have my own place near the Villa, says 56-year-old Oleg Stepanovich. – Only with the men we never sell, we just don’t recruit as much, himself would be enough! But I know that in our village the boys make it simpler: go to the vegetable warehouse, buy there seasonal mushrooms in bulk, though the same chanterelles or boletus, and with them getting pulled over. And work with broth! Here is simple logic: people believe that if the road to sell – so its, out of the woods, in fact, manual work.

People thinks differently, however many people continue to believe, saying that the supermarket mushrooms are artificial, plastic, grandfather a basket to buy a much more reliable – because they smell like a forest!

meanwhile, experts of the Union of mushroom reminiscent of Russia: the distance that we need to move away from the road, to be sure of the quality of mushrooms, in proportion to the width of the route. So, for example, from the M4 better to go into the forest for a couple of kilometres from the highway with a more relaxed movement – per kilometer. If we are on a small local road (the one that coedine�� country towns), it is enough to move only 300-500 meters, there mushrooms, is definitely not absorbed anything harmful. According to mycologists, is also of importance to the regularity of such fees or purchases: once for dinner collected along the way mushrooms won’t hurt, but to do it all the time still not worth it. The same opinion and doctors – the majority of harmful substances, say the physicians, gives a cumulative effect.

– I would have said that the harmful can be not only collected mushrooms along the way. Even if they grew up in the woods, but then the dealer several hours standing on the track, it’s also not too good, – says the doctor-the therapist Tatiana Charushin. – The fact that mushrooms absorb “stuff” like a sponge, including exhaust gases, dirt, dust and salts of heavy metals. Therefore, it is better not to risk it. If you still wanted to buy mushrooms on the route, security measures are the same as those with questionable vegetables and fruits. It is best to soak the mushrooms in salt water, it pulls a lot of harm. Then the mushrooms should be boiled, and the broth, I strongly recommend to merge.

the Doctor said: to cook fresh mushroom soup – especially in field conditions, on the campfire or at the cottage in the pot – the mushrooms with the track will not fit. However, after the described processing, can be used for pies, roasts, stews.

– to Glaze these mushrooms I do not recommend – continues Dr. Charushin. – To create canned food is better to purchase them in a reliable source. Here the rule is simple: the longer the treatment, the better. For example, mushroom caviar, there is no obstacle, because the mushrooms are first boiled, then fried in a pan.

In General, the rules for the treatment of mushrooms are a little different, as explained by the doctor, from eating fruits or vegetables which you are not absolutely certain: thorough washing and heat treatment. Mycologists also specify that the buyer should be alerted if the fungus is cropped too close to the hat – it could mean that the leg was wormy, it means that the mushroom is not too high quality. And, of course, do not buy unknown “mushroom cuts” (and it is!) if you did not understand about mushrooms is excellent – there is a risk that among the harmless mushrooms will be a couple poisonous that the seller put there not through malice, but solely due to their own ignorance.