Russian Twitter users responded to the invitation of the state Department to provide information about Russian intervention in elections in the United States in return for a reward of 10 million dollars.

Among Russian Twitter users was a lot of wishing to provide information about the Ukrainian bloggers who distribute fakes on the President of the United States and world politics.

“Passed to the Americans, Oleg Ponomarev, who four years wrote a fake about their current President. About $10 million don’t know, but maybe at least $1000 will be sent, “Sent archive tweets Portnikov, hoping for a $10”, “Need someone, And they may declassify our agent Barack?” – shares the user reviews for “Constantinople”.

Oleg Ponomarev – Ukrainian blogger known the fake news about Donald trump. Vitaly Portnikov is a Ukrainian journalist, also note a few fakes about the United States.

How to write “Rambler”, some time ago, the residents of different Russian cities, including, for example, the Deputy of the Yekaterinburg city Duma Timofei Zhukov, began to receive SMS messages sent through the service CentrSoobsh, which is proposed to receive up to $ 10 million from the U.S. state Department for information about the interference in American elections. In the text of the message contains a shortened link. It leads to the official Twitter account of the program of the state Department’s “Reward for justice”.