Soldiers of Nikita Eroshenko, broke the window of the car FSO before the Victory parade in Moscow, fired from the Russian army. About this “Interfax” said an informed source in medical circles.

He said that the man was exempt from military service for health reasons.

“the results of the psychiatric examination, the decision on the early dismissal from the Armed forces of the Russian Federation”, — said the source.

As writes the edition, the soldiers are already at home. The criminal case against him resolved not to initiate.

Previously, the newspaper “Kommersant” revealed details about the fate of the soldiers of after the incident on red square. The publication wrote that Eroshenko placed in a military hospital in Podolsk, near Moscow, where he provided psychiatric care in a hospital.

June 24, Eroshenko, which was to be held in the historical part of the column of troops, shortly before the start of the parade on red square attacked the car of FSO, breaking the glass with his rifle butt. According to an eyewitness from among the officers who followed the procedure with original positions on Manezh square, half an hour before the parade between the two fighters historical company skirmish ensued, which turned into a fight. One of them — it was Eroshenko — knocked out, than he began to resent. Despite the warning from the employee of the military counterintelligence, the soldiers began to shout and butt of the weapon smashed the glass of the van security services. Rowdy was immediately detained.