People’s artist of Russia Liya Akhedzhakova, commenting on the decision of Serhiy Harmash to leave "Contemporary," said that there was no "impossible situation" in the theater there and it is headed by a wonderful man.

On the eve of leading actor "Contemporary" Sergey Garmash wrote an open letter in which he said that he left the theater because of the policies of the new leadership and "the terrible situation inside of the troupe". In the letter, the actor said that he applied to the Moscow authorities, "I did it openly, but it was not heeded."

"I am very worried that this is happened, because it’s a stain he will never wash away. Nothing terrifying in the theater no, it was headed by a wonderful man Viktor Ryzhakov. He came to season, offering us three of the season plans with great playwrights and Directors. He has good projects. Theater caught in a terrible trap in connection with the pandemic, and our fate is completely unknown. Anything is unclear. But we have projects in case all-taki in the autumn it will be possible to invite spectators. Ryzhakova have interesting ideas, I would be younger, alive to them! And we all have them (the ideas – ed.) the place", – told RIA Novosti Akhedzhakova.

According to her, Ryzhakov – known Director who is the holder of many awards and known all the well-known Metropolitan artists.

"If I was still alive, Igor Kvasha, Galina Volchek and Lilia Tolmacheva, if we worked Valery Fokin (artistic Director of the Alexandrinsky theatre – ed.) – this would not have happened, no one would have dared to breed an atmosphere in the theater, no one would have dared. I’d like to Serge, whom I know for almost 40 years, so he looked at ourselves," she concluded.