Rapper Davout (David Manukyan) did not scare the attack on his mistress Olga Buzova. Video about these events began to spread in the Network and be of concern to fans of the pop diva. However, the rapper was interviewed on the radio and openly laughed at the leading question about what happened.

Does not restrain a smile, he said he was not ready to comment on it, according to “Express newspaper” and publishes a fragment of the ether.

In the leaked footage shows how Buzova walking down the street with some guy, then run up to them unknown. The star of “House-2” is pushed into the trunk of a car, previously throwing her head package. Satellite Buzova also got from the attackers. He was trying to protect Olga, but he was knocked to the ground.

Video allegedly filmed by witnesses, who noticed Buzova in the moment when she crossed the road at a pedestrian crossing. The young men immediately jumped out of the car and tried to save the lead, but the recording was interrupted. After the statement of the Dawa, the public immediately decided that this video is probably footage from the shooting of the next clip.

Olga Buzova and David Manukyan suspected in a relationship, after they played a loving couple in the video for the song Olga “Liker”. In late December, the singer posted on the YouTube channel the video for the track “Tangerine”, recorded together with David Manukyan. In the video they sing, dance and embrace in a recording Studio. This further fueled interest in them, at the time alleged, the novel.

And in the end of the show “Plan B”, everything fell into place. According to the authors of the program, Olga Buzova was to find a wife of Timur Batrutdinova, and he is the husband of the singer of the song “Little half”. However, all went according to script. It turned out that star for several months lived with Manoukian. It shows the couple could not decipher their relationship, wrote