Square writer Daniil Granin opens at the far Eastern Avenue in St. Petersburg in October 2020. Told about this TASS in the press-service of administration of the Nevsky district of the city on Friday.

"15 October at the monument to Daniel Granin planned Grand opening of the square named after the writer. In the territory of one hectare, the district administration will install 42 benches, planted new trees and shrubs. It is only the first step. We expect that this square will become a new urban public space that will attract all residents of St. Petersburg" – said the Agency interlocutor. The landscaping around the monument to the writer will begin in early August.

In 2021 in the Park is planned for the second phase of the landscaping beside trees will be placed sculptures with quotations from the works of Daniil Granin.

A draft of the Park was approved personally by the daughter of Daniil Granin Marina Chernysheva-Granini. At the public hearing on the landscaping around the monument to the writer at the far Eastern Avenue, past Friday, Marina Chernysheva-Granin proposed to establish an annual book fair, which should become a place of cultural attraction for the citizens, the district has supported this initiative.

A monument to the writer Daniel Granin in St. Petersburg was inaugurated on the 27th of November last year. Bronze sculpture installed at the far Eastern Avenue about cultural and educational centre, with the library bearing the name of the writer. At the opening ceremony of the monument was attended by President of Russia Vladimir Putin and Marina Chernysheva-Granik.

Daniil Granin, an outstanding Soviet and Russian writer, screenwriter and social activist. Literary activity began in the 1940-ies, has repeatedly won national and international awards for their works. A special place in the work Granin is a military theme. Some of his works, including "the House on the Fontanka" (1967) and "Our battalion commander" (1968), based on events from the author’s biography. In 2017 Granin received the award "For outstanding achievements in humanitarian activities." The writer died in July 2017 in St. Petersburg in 99-m to year of life.