The daughter of an actor of Michael Efremova Anna-Maria wants to put him in jail, and her mother an actress Ksenia Kachalina in a mental hospital. This very Kachalina said “Express newspaper”.

On 8 June, as reported by “the Rambler”, Efremov intoxicated behind the wheel of the car “Jeep Grand Cherokee” (Jeep Grand Cherokee) drove into oncoming traffic on Smolensk square in Moscow and collided with a car Lada (Lada). The driver “Frets” has died.

In relation to Ephraim opened a criminal case on violation of traffic rules. He pleaded guilty and was placed under house arrest.

Kachalina was fourth wife of the actor. Currently, it is dependent on alcoholic beverages. Some time ago, her 19-year-old daughter of Ephraim Anna-Maria announced the intention to take her into custody and cure.

“This is bullshit!” the actress said today.

According to her, Anne-Marie wants to put Ephraim in jail and her in a mental hospital. Also Kachalina said that he pays no attention to the antics of his daughter, because she — Libra horoscope, and 90% of its words are fantasy and adventure.