According to exit polls conducted by the Russian center for public opinion studies (VTSIOM) on the order of EISI, among the answered questions of interviewers in support of the amendments to the Main law of the country voted 76% of Russians.

Against the amendments voted according to the exit poll by VTSIOM, the 23.6% of respondents to the question of Russians.

It is noted that the survey was conducted at 800 polling stations in 25 regions of Russia.

At the exit from the polling station interviewers VTSIOM were offered an anonymous survey.

The question was asked about how the Respondent voted “For” or “Against” the amendments to the Constitution.

As of June 28 (21:00 Moscow time), in total the survey was attended by 163 124 people.

Answered the question, 70.6% of respondents refused to answer — 29,4%.

Earlier it was reported that the turnout on the online voting on amendments to the Constitution has reached 80%, voted more 938,2 million people.