In 2019 Elena Savchenko – the first wife of actor Vladimir Mashkov – once again remarried, but kept his chosen from the public. About the changes in his personal life, mother spoke for the first time about their Mashkov 35-year-old daughter, actress Maria Mashkova.

In the video he’s playing with a young daughters Mary, by signing the “contract of the limit on the use of gadgets”. “The younger Alexander was dissatisfied with the terms and refused to sign. Conditions while in compliance, but daily reminds that he was going to file a complaint in court to challenge the document,” joked the actress in the signature. She also called the stepfather in the text “new dad” and said that he was a lawyer by profession. Two days before Elena Savchenko herself has published a photo from their wedding with the caption: “Future husband N. P. wordy was not: “an affair with you, dear N. P., I have no time. An honest attempt at a serious relationship to make ready. Make up your mind”. N. P. Decided”.

They were married in November of 2019 in the United States – that’s where the new spouse of Helen and is a lawyer. Mary was a witness at the wedding. This is the third marriage Savchenko and her former husband Vladimir Mashkov married for the fourth time.