on Friday, the civil wife of the deceased in an accident with Mikhail Efremov, Irina sterhova got my hands on the court order, which clarifies why the woman did not recognize the victim in a criminal case.

What motivated the judge his decision to refuse why the relatives of the deceased is not accepted in your “company” Irina and told the suspect about this – in the article “MK”.

I got my hands on a court order and I was surprised by the reasons why I was refused the status of the victim, – says Irina sterhova. – At the meeting asked the opinion of the Prosecutor, counsel for victims and the cinema. They all strongly opposed to recognize me the victim.

What are the arguments presented by the Prosecutor?

– he didn’t have evidence that we are close persons.

the Victims also said that they don’t know you?

– the lawyer of the three victims – official wife Ann, his younger son and brother – opposed. He noted that he has no proof of our living together. How so? After all, this attorney participated in a talk show, where for a long time and have discussed my history with Sergei. The relatives of the deceased during the broadcast did not deny the fact of my cohabitation with the deceased, nodded his head. Their lawyer didn’t argue when I was told about the 22 years of our life with Sergei. But at trial, the defense counsel said that he had no such data. So he is deceiving the court. Or deceive the relatives of Sergey.

– relatives of the victim have spoken about this at the meeting?

All three were silent, for they were made by the lawyer. When asked of his eldest son, with whom I was closely associated, his lawyers took a neutral position, left the resolution of this issue to the discretion of the court.

– What was the position of the lawyer Efremova?

– Pasha opposed to me added to the list of victims. He noted that my arguments in the petition not supported by the submitted documents. He added that the concept of civil marriage is not provided by law. Noted that not submitted evidence of causing me any harm. How is that even possible? I have lost a loved one, and this man States that any harm I did not cause.

Efremov said something?

– In the decision the court stated that Yefremov supported the arguments of his counsel.

What conclusions did the court?

– since none of the relatives confirmed that we lived together, the court failed to establish how close the relationship was I have lost. Even in the case materials indicated that we did not provide the exhaustive information which allow to determine the degree of my intimacy with Sergei to read the nas close friends. Same court it was not possible to establish the fact of our coexistence, of me being dependent Zakharova, the court has no supporting evidence of the presence among us of any relationship. I have lived with a man 22 years old, and can not prove. My hands are full of evidence, I know the relatives of Sergei with me, familiar with his colleagues, we have common friends. What I need to do to prove his innocence? Maybe for this I just need to listen to the hearing?

the Lawyer of Sterkhovoe Vadim Nikulin commented: “the Court did not consider it necessary to provide our turnout, which is strange. The court did not examine the evidence we have presented in substantiation of his claim. Once again violated the constitutional rights of Irina Mikhailovna. We certainly will appeal this decision and will take action if documents confirming close relationship Sterkhovoe and Zakharova, was examined by the court. Hopefully, a legitimate and justified court decision.”

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