Daughter-transgender Mikhail Efremov Anna-Maria said that amid the tragedy of his father’s stopped taking anti-depressants and engaged in their children’s injuries. In addition, the eccentric teenager told about life after death and the mushrooms.

Pretty unusual was the answers to the questions that Anna-Maria has offered its subscribers in Instagram to ask her on a Friday night. For example, Anna-Maria openly spoke about his “mental health” (spelling preserved):

“I’m off antidepressants (Anna-Maria often uses the masculine, as he considers himself a transgender “MK”). now make with the therapist rescripting injury. suspect RACES (a disorder of the autistic spectrum – “MK”), but I’m not sure is justified, so I checked”.

Autism, who suspects himself of Anna-Maria is characterized by the immersion of a person in a world of their own experiences and the almost complete emotional withdrawal from others.

in Other words, children with this disorder are not interested in dealing with people, poorly understand them, I like to stick the various rituals, may have language problems and delays in intellectual development. At the same time, autistic people are perseverance, attention to detail, etc.

Another revelation, daughter of Michael Efremova almost shocked — Anna-Maria said she wanted after death to punish children.

“Believe in life after death?”, – asked her.

“Well, it certainly is. The corpse decomposes and becomes nutrients for the creatures and plants around. the atoms in our bodies are passed into the environment. I would, for example, wanted me after death ate the mushrooms. they are cool. well. or make it from scraps of my skin little doll for children in order to put them in the closet alone with her. They will behave better”.

to Decide what is joke and what is not, Anna-Maria offered to subscribers on their own: “and I’m joking or not, you decide……..”.

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