There at the beginning of the epidemic, not the epidemic end. In June in Beijing set a new outbreak of coronavirus – and the main source was considered to be the market “Sinhale”. But then began receiving disturbing reports that cases of the disease reported in people who visited the market, and those who can be there could not. For example, two cases of infection occurred in a public toilet. Ill – married couple.

Two people who have the coronavirus was confirmed by a further 20 Jun, long time was a mystery to the Chinese epidemiologists. The fact that they in one voice said that they have not visited the market “Sinhali”, which has become a hotbed of disease, and the list of their contacts were no other infected.

It could only mean one thing – somewhere, the Chinese government had no control over, and missed the zone of attention of carrying the disease. In addition, scientists could with confidence say that these people didn’t get sick from contact with animals. There was an urgent need to find the source of the infection.

Then the officials began to analyze motion directly to the couple.

the Husband and wife together are the owners of retail outlets in supermarket “Cancalon”, located on Beijing street Londin road, Haidian district. Market “Signagi” is located 19 kilometers from this place, but as the disease could get so far away from the market if the visitors did not go to stall a married couple?

the Answer was very simple. The couple contracted the virus in a public toilet, located next to their stalls.

According to the Chinese officials, they visited the toilet four times, and in one of them, probably, there was contact with the surface, which were particles of coronavirus.

most Likely, someone infected with the coronavirus went to the toilet, and it is through the surface of the disease was passed to spouses. Anyway, the main source of infection still need to look for in the market, “Sinhali”, according to the Chinese epidemiologists.

Chief epidemiologist of the Chinese center for control and prevention of disease in Tsungu reported earlier that the source of the latest outbreak in Beijing was not wild animals, and, most likely, was infected goods received by the market, “Signpad”. Then the virus began to spread through contacts between people.

the primary Source made a product stored in a cold environment (in particular sin on frozen salmon, imported from Europe). This allowed the virus to survive for a long time. And after the merchants and their customers from the market, “Sinhali” began to move around the city, and thus they themselves become a source of infection, explained the specialist.

At the moment the Chinese government is trying to keep under control a new outbreak. We can safely conclude that the strategy to contain the coronavirus works. However, it is essential to find and eliminate all sources of infection, because even one case remaining neglected, can lead to a second wave of coronavirus.

meanwhile, on Friday announced the State Affairs Committee of health of the PRC for the last day in mainland China identified 13 new confirmed cases COVID-19. Of these, 11 are of local origin (they are all registered in Beijing), and 2 are considered to be imported from abroad.

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