the international Museum Day, Director of Moscow Kremlin Museums Elena Gagarina told about plans and prospects for the near and long-term future. One of the main tasks – the continuation of the restoration of the building in the Middle trading rows, which will house the new building of the Museum. Work was interrupted for obvious reasons, and now continued. Besides, the contest to name the new building: of the four winners, the jury will choose one.

the Museum complex are eagerly waiting for the moment when will be able to bring most of its collection for the walls of the Kremlin. However, to wait a long time, but to meet the deadline, you must stick to the plan.

“Despite the fact that the work was interrupted for some time, now they continue and we hope to do in time. Continues restoration of the assumption Cathedral. Although many restorers can’t get to work: among them, a lot of people older than 65 years or they are on isolation,” – said Elena Gagarina.

However, she hopes that the restoration of the new building will be completed by late 2021 or early 2022. After you have to prepare the space: make the Museum the lighting is, move the funds to create exposure. At the moment, the Kremlin Museums can put about 30% of his collection. The new building – the building, erected in the late XIX century by the architect Roman Klein, which restores the architectural Bureau of Yuri Grigoryan, will be possible to show the items that were previously unavailable. To move a exposure of the buildings in the Kremlin. Among the things planned for the new building – the collection of icons, the Byzantine collection, collection of banners. Separate halls will be taken for the works of Faberge, contemporary jewelry art and Russian Church culture. According to Elena Gagarina, the opening of the new Museum building will be in 2024.

But the name for it will be chosen very soon. March 10 was launched an open competition where anyone could offer its own version. The Museum received about 500 options from which identified four best. Now a special jury will choose one of them. Here are the options: Red chamber, the Case of Klein, the New Armory and the Kremlin Museum series. The last sentence, by the way, came from the bell-ringer of the Moscow Kremlin and temple of Christ the Savior Constantine Microscope.

the jury consisted of 18 experts. Among them are artists from different fields and of different generations. In particular, the President of the Pushkin Museum Irina Antonova, the chief architect of Moscow Sergey Kuznetsov, pianist Denis Matsuev, ballet dancer and teacher Nikolai Tsiskaridze, a street artist Pokras Lampas, a contemporary artist Taus Makhacheva and others. The opinions were divided. But Elena Gagarina believes that it is important to indicate the name of the housing location (the address Red square, 5). The decision will be made when the jury will have the opportunity to meet and discuss all the options.

in the meantime, the Museum is busy with plans for the near future. Elena Gagarina suggests that the opening can take place even in July, as, for example, calculates the Tretyakov gallery, and in June or even earlier. However, all will depend on the situation. And, of course, at first will be possible only for private use. Usual for the Moscow Kremlin Museums, group tours will not, but you can take an audioguide. All visitors will be obliged to wear masks and gloves and to keep the distance of 1.5 meters from each other.

– We developed the scheme, how it will be possible to visit our body. Armory, for example, used to be able to take over a session of 400 people, now we will reduce attendance there twice. The Museum will be free – sure, Elena.

the First new exhibition which will be opened in the Moscow Kremlin Museums, will present the award. And at the end of the year, the Museum plans to show the exhibition of Russian enamel. Besides the expected projects in Vladivostok, Krasnodar, Chelyabinsk. The last of these cities will take one of the most precious collections of the Museum – the collection of Oriental weapons. This exhibition is scheduled for the end of October. However, everything will depend on air service. Maybe it will open later in November. However, the international projects of the Moscow Kremlin Museums is postponed to the next year – the exhibitions in Macau and Hong Kong.

Elena Gagarina believes that despite the fact that the museums will soon begin to open to the previous mode of operation to the end of the year they get back.