Daughter of the writer Eduard Uspensky Tatiana said about the cruelty of the father toward his first wife, her mother. About it it is told in the program “live” on TV channel “Russia 1”.

The assumption has admitted that the father was rude not only with her but also with her mother.

“He knew that she had breast cancer, but instead of support sent her to the sect and left there. The sect practiced beating children,” she said.

On 26 may, the daughter of the assumption Tatiana called my father a tyrant and spoke about domestic violence. According to her, rude, rudeness, control, and coercion was the norm assumption. In this case, the people he showed the ostensible idyll. In addition, the writer had problems with alcohol, but he refused to refer to specialists. Subsequently, on 28 may, the former wife of the writer Eleonora Filina said that during the joint life, she repeatedly became the victim of pressure and aggression on his part. She also confirmed that Tatiana is indeed a “lifelong suffering” from the brutality of his father.

Eduard Uspensky died 14 August 2018. He was diagnosed with a malignant neoplasm.