The calculations of weather forecasters show that from the first Saturday of June should begin a sharp rise in temperature in Moscow, said the chief specialist of the capital weather Bureau Tatyana Pozdnyakova in an interview with RT.

"All the calculations show that starting from Saturday, the temperature in capital region will be increased. Maybe we’ll wait for the real summer heat, daytime temperatures +20…+25 degrees Celsius," — said Pozdnyakov.

However, she said, because of the cold atmospheric front the first days of summer the temperature will be "slightly below normal."

"the Night of the first day is still quite warm: +6…+8 Moscow +4…+9, in the region. Daytime temperatures on Monday will be +13…+14. On Tuesday precipitation is not expected, the night will remain the same as Monday. But the daytime temperature is expected per degree above +14…+15. Wednesday and Thursday is possible showers. Temperature at night +4…+9 and day +15…+17", — said the forecaster.