world day of youth skills

1240 — Russian troops defeated the Swedes in the Neva battle

1865 — the newspaper “North mail” alerted citizens about the abolition of the ban on Smoking on the streets of St. Petersburg

1940 — died the tallest man, about whom there is reliable evidence. Robert Pershing Wadlow was born in 1918 in Alton, Illinois, USA. Wadlow grew all his short life. When he died, his height was 272 cm and a weight of 199 kg

1970 — the Assembly line of the Gorky automobile plant came off the new model “Volga” — GAS 24, has become the base for all subsequent modifications of machines of this class

1975 hosted the first ever joint flight of the spacecraft of two countries — the Soviet ship “Soyuz-19” and American “Apollo”

1990 — the decree of the President of the USSR on the formal termination of the control of the Communist party over the media