the Lack of tourists at Albion played with a British Palace office a bad joke: to overcome the cash gap, Buckingham Palace began to look for internal reserves. And found: on sale there is gin infused with herbs and fruits from the gardens of Queen Elizabeth II. One of the key ingredients of the drink was the hawthorn, familiar to us according to the chronicle of the “people” of alcoholism.

“Drink with citrus, herbal notes made with the inclusion of hawthorn berries, Bay leaf, mulberry leaf, lemon verbena” – so describes a new gene in the message the trust of the British Royal office Royal Collection Trust. This organization is engaged in “sustainability” palaces and gardens of her Majesty. A bottle of 0.7 liters in the London shops cost 40 pounds (about $ 3600).

-the Price in Russian stores, if gin with hawthorn will get to our country, may be about half the above – said “MK” representative of one of the alcohol importers, working with retail chains. – First of all, the question in the excise taxes, but not only. Drink, of course, interesting not only for its taste as a status and origin. And therefore will cost exactly so much, how many it will buy. However, more than about 6 thousand rubles per bottle, the price is unlikely to rise: everything is more expensive – a collector’s cognac and whisky, whose value was primarily in their brand and exposure. Ordinary gin, and even Royal origin, so is not valued.

the Concept of “Elizavetinsky” as you could call this drink closer to the old Russian drinks to cordials and liqueurs, typical for Russian cuisine from pre-Petrine times. They are based on not juniper, as in Britain, and grain, but still the alcohol distillate, and a special taste to the drink gives nastynasty on the grass. Nowadays, the manufacture of such beverages is the prerogative of private farms and lovers of “moonshine”, more recently, is punishable.

-a Real tincture of hawthorn, with the addition of various herbs, I’ve done many times, – says Sergey, for more than 10 years produces a wide range of home infusions are not for sale. – It’s quite tasty stuff, the only point here is not to actually overdose on hawthorn. Otherwise its astringent taste will score everything else, and the feeling after a glass of this tincture will be about how, after half a liter of strong coffee. That hawthorn sold in pharmacies: it is considered the heartbeat stimulating means. But, of course, no comparison between our pharmacy “the hawthorn” and the product of Buckingham Palace can not be: the basis of medicine lies the rectified spirit, therefore, drinking is the drug is possible only at great need, but not for the sake of taste.