The tournament Lindores Abbey — the second stage online series with prize Fund of $1 million, organized by world champion Magnus Carlsen, — finalists. That was a surprise, turned out to be Russian Daniil Dubov and American Hikaru Nakamura. Magnus Carlsen, who was considered the clear favorite of their own tournament, lost to Nakamura at the semifinal stage. Domestic GM will hold the matches of the rapid chess with Nakamura at the beginning of the next nepalipatra Daniil Dubov in the number of participants is Magnus Carlsen of Paris — so called large-scale series of online competitions in chess can be considered a surprise. 24-year-old Oaks, one of the young participants found themselves in the company much more renowned grandmasters Magnus Carlsen, Fabiano Caruana, Alexander Grischuk, Ding Liren, Sergey Karjakin. However, Oaks is not only not lost among the recognized giants, but also managed to become the first finalist of the tournament Lindores Abbey. In the semifinals, he easily defeated Ding Liren.Breakthrough Nakamura in the finals was an event, too, is hardly to be expected — after all, in the semifinals, he got almost invincible Carlsen. Before the semifinal matches in the victory of the Norwegian is little doubt. Less than a month since he won the first stage of its tournament, then at the Memorial Steinitz. Carlsen seems to be in excellent shape, and the first semi-final match with the American, he held a flawless three wins from three. Nakamura of the state in which he was staying after a crushing defeat, escape seemed almost impossible.But this task he handled more than well. The Norwegian first made a number of misfires in the second match, and then brought the party the final days before Armageddon. And he played for the whites and had, according to the rules, the advantage one minute. Hikaru Nakamura and Daniil Dubov will hold the final party next week. In addition, they both managed not long ago to sensationally beat Magnus Carlsen (Nakamura in the semifinals Lindores Abbey, Dubov — as part of the Memorial Steinitz). Daniil Dubov in this genre is very close to the top ten, Nakamura — actually, the fourth.Ekaterina Remizova