the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky issued a Declaration of assets, income, expenses and obligations of financial character for 2019, reported on the website of the President.

Income Zelensky and members of his family amounted to 28 602 468 UAH (about $1.01 million).

Family Zelensky paid taxes in the amount of 3.6 million UAH. Of his income, presidential salary from may to December 2019 had 208 787 UAH ($7759). Selling real estate in Kiev brought Mr. Zelensky 4 423 000 UAH ($164 387). For rent apartments in the UK, the presidential family received UAH 3.2 million ($118 933).

Also, the President’s family sold the corporate law 12 Ukrainian companies the family of Sergey Sefira in the amount of UAH 246 144 ($9148). In the spring of 2019 Mr. Zelensky got rid of the stock Green Family LTD, as well as all four brands registered in Russia. In addition, he got rid of corporate rights in foreign companies Vilhar Holdings Limited and Aldorante Limited. In addition, Ms. Zelensky received a loan from Sergei Sefira $ 5 million, but brought him back before the end of the reporting period.

Russian President Vladimir Putin Declaration for 2019 is not yet published. In 2018, he earned 8.6 million RUB (RUB 18.7 mln in 2017). He has an apartment the area of 77 square meters and a garage of 18 square metres and the car “Volga” GAZ M21, SUV “Niva” and the trailer “the Scythian”. In addition, the use of Putin, also apartment area of 153,7 square meters and a garage place of 18 square meters.