Dangerous if the car sharing during a pandemic coronavirus

the Demand for transport services during the period of isolation has decreased, including in car sharing, told “RG” in several companies. This situation is observed in all the major cities of the world. However, if you need to move around the city to book a car for short term rent is possible as usual. Legislative restrictions on car-sharing as not.

the Company is taking security measures. Mandatory disinfection of vehicles is carried out regularly, assured the company YouDrive. “The mode of cleaning and processing was strengthened a few weeks ago, purchased and used all the necessary means of disinfection and protection”, – noted in the company “Telemobil”.

“the Car is treated with antiseptics not only after washing but between trips,” – said in “Yandex.Drive”. Mobile brigade for disinfection work in different areas of the city. Because of this, once the machine is released, it comes the closest specialist to conduct a rapid processing of the salon. The car becomes available to order only after disinfection, the company said.

Photo: iStock rent cottages all over Russia can significantly increase this summer

Special attention is paid to the treatment of surfaces and elements, which often interacts with the driver. This wheel, gear shift knob, door handles, buttons, climate control, multimedia system buttons opening and closing glass and mirror settings. The machines also laid out antiseptic wipes, said company representatives.

in addition, the company reminds the users through their own channels of communication about security measures.