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From 15 April for a trip to Moscow and the Moscow region must have a digital pass. He needed and the man who travels by private car, and to those who use public transport. The answers to the main questions of readers of "RG" in our material
The demand for transport services during the period of isolation has decreased, including in car sharing, told "RG" in several companies. Services convince customers of the security of the rent of machinery, in particular, to organize the work of mobile teams for disinfection of vehicles
Reduced demand for car-sharing will be restored as soon as the pandemic coronavirus will decline, experts say. A sharp outflow of population from large cities to rural areas, as the refusal of sharing patterns of consumption, economists do not expect
In Moscow three weeks earlier opens a new season on the bike. From 10 April till the end of the month he will be free, but the first time rental will be used only by couriers, and volunteers
Passenger traffic on urban, suburban and intercity bus routes has decreased by 50%. In this regard, the carriers have asked to increase the interval of movement of transport in order to reduce costs and prevent the closure of the
Schedule will change from 1 April. Due to the reduction in the number of flights will be canceled several morning and evening trains on the Sheremetyevo and Domodedovo areas
Six new stations were opened in the Moscow metro. "A heavy construction site. The path pass under the railway, highways, major utilities. But the builders managed", - said Sobyanin and thanked everyone for their work
The Moscow metro will not stop their work due to coronavirus infection, said mayor Sergei Sobyanin. If you stop the trains, said the mayor of the city, on the restoration of the subway will take six months
As part of the prevention of the spread of coronavirus Yekaterinburg metro began to process more thoroughly than before. In the course are gantry washers, knapsack sprayers, high pressure machines
Showing the driver a fiver in the diary or record book, school and University students in Ulan-Ude do not pay the fare on the bus. In Bashkiria, the family budget since March may be enlarged by 250 thousand
Moscow Central diameters inspired College student computing Andrey Lazarev on the development of the project for the city rail network passenger buses. Countrymen and the railroad supported him
The activists of the popular front polled residents in regions of the Russian Federation concerning public transport. Almost half of them said that he goes at long intervals, and complained about old buses

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