Chairman of the riders ‘ trade union in France will have the dispensation, so that his members can work out on the roads.

Several of the world’s best cyclists can’t currently get out to train on because of the curfew in France, Spain and Italy.

the Curfew has been introduced in a number of european countries in order to combat the ongoing coronapandemi.

In France applies to the curfew provisional until the 15. april. Prime minister Édouard Philippe has said that the ban may be extended, if required.

A further extension, however, will have major consequences for the country’s professional cyclists, which have scored the riders ‘ trade union in France (UNCP) to respond.

UNCP-president Pascal Chanteur has now sent a letter to France’s sportsministerium.

– It is clear that I am thinking of all the affected families and the sick.

– But at the same time I have to think of my association to pick herself up from it, that may end up as a disaster, says Chanteur according to to Ouest France.

In the letter tells the Chanteur, it is essential for the French riders to come out to train at the latest, from the middle of april.

– We want the riders from the 15. april can get exemption, and that a certificate from their employers can return to their work, when the second two-week-confinement is over, he says.

France, which has registered more than 83.000 people with corona virus, already introduced the curfew 17. march.

In Spain and Italy have the professional cyclists also difficult to suit the exercise.

It has among other things led the Italian Astana rider Davide Martinelli to sign up as a volunteer bicycle messenger. He picks up the therefore medication at the pharmacy for the elderly, who do not dare to leave their homes.

The International Cykelunion, the UCI, has suspended all cycling back to 1. June. It remains to be seen whether this summer’s big climax, the Tour de France, will be settled according to plan.

the Tour is to go in walk 27. June and finish 19. July in Paris.