on Wednesday, astronauts Douglas Hurley and Robert Behnken returned to the quarantine after the launch of the spacecraft “Crew Dragon” SpaceX has been postponed due to weather conditions. Booster Falcon-9 was to be launched from Cape Canaveral at 23:33 GMT.

the Astronauts were in quarantine at the Baikonur since may 20, but before the flight has passed the tests for coronavirus, writes TASS, citing the CNN. The following attempt of start is taken may 30 at 22:22 GMT. According to the portal if this launch suddenly canceled, then another attempt may be made may 31.

Present at the spaceport the US President Donald trump said that he would return on may 30 the launch of the Crew Dragon. “Thanks to NASA and SpaceX for their hard work and leadership. Looking forward to returning to you on Saturday,” wrote the American leader on Twitter.