this was reported by the athlete who has stayed at home. Anton Chuprov was the main contender for victory in the Games-2020 in Tokyo that the pandemic coronavirus postponed to next summer. How to get in shape after a pause of two months, in an interview with “RG”.

When the first foreign teams started to refuse to participate in the Olympics, you want to go. Was willing to take the risk?

Anton Chuprov: the Situation with the spread of the coronavirus is constantly changing. Now I understand that the risk of health, of course, did not. This is the most important for any person. I think, correctly, that most of the competition is cancelled or postponed. I think everyone has already accepted the situation, accepted. There’s no negativity about it. Of course, it’s a shame, but what to do. Life goes on. We await developments, let’s train.

How did the house?

Anton Chuprov: No swimming pool exercise do little. So you rightly said it did. That is, for yourself, although it’s not bad. Doing regular exercises for physical preparation. Periodically been in touch with coach Alexander Nemtyrev. He told corrected. But OFP is OFP. Nothing new here than you can imagine.

No pool is lost is important for swimmers the feeling of water. How long will it take?

Anton Chuprov: in three days. After a week without a pool are generally hard to bleed. Probably to come back to normal, you will need the same seven days. But my first time in such a situation, when floated in water for two months. It is difficult to imagine how I’m going to get in shape.

You’re a world champion, world record holder. How this interruption threw you back?

Anton Chuprov: I still hope that it will not be a step backward, and step forward. We took a break. Now the main thing – to reach their level, and then you can add. I think in training within the month we arrive and return what I lost. On the other hand, it is unknown when and what competitions will be held. All cancelled and rescheduled. And to give their best results, I think we start with the strongest rivals to be motivated to show quick seconds and beat his own world record 2.06,12.

some nice results isolation may fail?

Anton Chuprov: Realized how well at home with her mom. I usually spend very little time in the apartment. And then even cooking is better. Can’t say that I purposefully taught. Just helped her, watched her. Favorite dish I have. But I can boast: pasta Carbonara all excellent work.

the championship of Russia on football, which is repeated on TV, watched it? You also a big fan.

Anton Chuprov: Yes, I support CSK. And for hockey, too. But football is way better. You can’t even compare. Football is forever my favorite.

And Viktor Goncharenko? The attitude of the coach, because so far, except for the Russian super Cup, CSKA with him won nothing?

Anton Chuprov: He builds a new team, there is a generational change. A lot of young people in the composition. I even know Ivan Oblakova. I that Goncharenko has signed a contract. I know that many fans support him. It is not easy. No big high-profile transfers. And he tries to take what’s available. I think it does its job.

You even somehow made the first kick of the ball in the CSKA match with “Krasnodar”. How were you received by the fans?

Anton Chuprov: You’re in the middle of a football field. Rostrum almost complete, all shouting and applauding. Unreal feeling. A bit similar to what I experience when you climb into the starting locker before the race. And yet in football it’s different, because there the fan sector. They actually charge.

He ever at the “fan” was?

Anton Chuprov: was. However, not on the bottom and on the top of the podium. I liked it. There would be a possibility, all the matches would have looked there, support your favorite club. Everything is there to style the CSKA match. You know chants: “CSKA, CSKA only, you’ll always be the champion!”.

How did you react to the news that along with the skater Alyona Kostina and competitive players Kirill Mikhailov topped the rating of Forbes “30 promising Russians to 30”?

Anton Chuprov: Shock and euphoria was not. I have all of that, had survived. It was fun to know that I’m on the list. Grateful to those who voted for me. Will justify the confidence to continue to show good results.

for the first time in his career realized that can achieve a lot?

Anton Chuprov: the success of I think getting into the finals of the 2015 world Championships in Kazan. It was a turning point. I have swam at Junior, but has already qualified for the world Cup final and finished seventh. Good transition from Junior to adult team and adult swimming.

You said that you did not touch. But the motivation, the desire to fight for the medals remains?

Anton Chuprov: In this situation it is difficult for this question to answer. From these thoughts I was already off. Just want to quickly start training.

As a clean sheet. Not scary?

Anton Chuprov: Terrible, of course. You know how much effort, work put into training. We hope to be able to get out of this situation and everything back in its place. To predict to promise something I do not like and will not. But I’m definitely going to try and aim.