the Cold in Moscow, as usual, coincided with the disconnection of heating. The decrease in the number of cases of corona virus, which is celebrated in the capital in the last week of may, just due to the fact that the homes had “lost to heat”.

If the corona virus COVID-19 will behave the same as other enveloped viruses, causing people the flu pandemic in the Northern hemisphere will cease with the end of the heating season.

To such conclusion came American scientists, after analyzing the statistics of patients with respiratory diseases treated at the children’s hospital of Philadelphia from 2012 to 2020.

Seasonality of influenza viruses and corona viruses person was monitored for 8 years. Scientists wanted a way to identify periods when the urban residents of the North-Eastern United States, the incidence decreases and when increases.

Statistics have shown that human corona viruses are most active in the first week of January. This is the time when the areas of most intense heating, the relative humidity is very low – 20-30%.

In early March, the incidence according to the statistics of the children’s hospital of St. An aristocrat in Philadelphia is reduced by half. In January ill a thousand people, in March, only 500 in April – 250, and in late April hospitalization and does drop to almost zero.

Researchers have linked this trend with the fact that the houses gradually stop working heaters, “drying” the air. The relative humidity in the room increases, and this affects the aerodynamic qualities of the virus.

Infection is known to occur by airborne droplets. The virus infects others when sneezes, coughs, sings, screams and even says, because at this time from his mouth and from his nose stand out droplets that contain viruses.

it is Clear that the heavy this drop, the worse it flies. And, conversely, the easier it is, the better its “flight characteristics”.

When the relative humidity is low, droplets quickly dry out and become light. If the air is damp, they would not be able to fly long and fast, landed with its viruses on any surface. But due to the fact that the air is dry, the drops with the viruses fly much further than they were originally intended, and long float in the air. Accordingly, the healthy people in this room, increasing the chances of such a drop to catch.

“the Decline in annual activity corona viruses, judging by the number of hospitalization was associated with an increase in the relative humidity of air from 30% to 50%, says researcher Alan Evangelista, analyze hospital statistics. Peak hospitalization of patients with a new crown viral infection in Philadelphia came in mid April, 2020, and began to fall in early may. In the preceding eight years, the same dynamic is different in hospitalization with other coronavirus infections in early may, their number was reduced by 99% in comparison with January, from June until September, nobody was ill, and in October the activity of the human coronaviruses again began to grow and at the same time, the relative humidity of the indoor air dropped below 50%”.

the Size and “structure” COVID-19 are the same as those of other coronaviruses of man. Scientists suggest that the humidity should cause him the same effect as other envelope viruses.

Interestingly, when the humidity is very high and reaches 100%, the activity of coronaviruses again becomes very high. Because of this flu epidemic in Equatorial countries, always begin in the seasons of the tropical rains. And when the end of the rains – end of the epidemic.

Statistical observations show that the worst shell coronavirus feel at a humidity of 50-80%, and the unpleasant temperature is plus 30 degrees.

If you could support in winter, these conditions in offices, restaurants, factories and any public places, infecting respiratory viral infections probably would happen less often.