the Battle for the Libyan capital, which began last fall, is once again delayed. The forces of the Libyan national army Marshal Hanifa Haftorah suffered a series of defeats in the battle for Tripoli, as forces based in Tripoli, the Libyan government continued to develop the offensive. As military assistance Haftar has already received a lot of military planes that have to change the balance of power in his favor. It also reported the arrival in Libya of the additional forces of the Russian private military companies (PMCs), which should soon join the fighting for Tripoli.

Information concerning the presence in Libya of Russian mercenaries was first announced by the US authorities in the summer of 2019. The U.S. state Department and several media outlets have repeatedly stated that the soldiers of private military companies from Russia take part in the Libyan war on the side of the troops of Marshal Hanifa Haftorah against the internationally recognized government of Libya.

Despite the fact that neither Haftar nor the Russian authorities this information has not commented on her evidence periodically appear in the Network. 22 may Twitter account of Libya Observer published photos of the slain in Libya, “the Russian mercenary”, the truth is no other evidence of this statement was not presented.

a day Later, may 23, in the Internet appeared the video, which depicted a column of Libyan army Haftorah, which is seen Russian military equipment. In particular, the video shows armored vehicles “Lynx” and “Tiger” atypical for Libya green, as well as anti-aircraft complexes “Carapace-С1Э,” previously delivered to Libya from the United Arab Emirates. In the caption to the video indicated that the convoy was captured on the way to Tripoli.

Also, the Network published photos of several groups of men of European appearance, wearing military uniforms of different samples. They managed to take video while driving one of the military columns of the Libyan army in urban areas. It is noteworthy that the convoy was also spotted howitzers “Msta-B” 152 mm caliber, not previously supplied to Libya.

in Spite of the published materials, there is still no official confirmation of the presence in Libya of mercenaries from Russia. Previously it was repeatedly reported that participation in the Libyan war, both sides attract mercenaries from third countries. So, the Tripoli government actively uses the assistance of militants, equipped and delivered to Libya by the Turkish authorities of the occupied Syrian province of Idlib.