In the Russian hospital received a domestic product from the coronavirus, for beaches in the country has developed new rules, and the doctor dispelled the myth of “contagious” animals.

the day in our country revealed 9 268 cases of coronavirus infection. Thus, the total number of cases since the epidemic reached 405 843.

the Number of Russians recovered per day increased by 4 414, to 171 883. The number of deaths due coronavirus in Russia per day has increased to 138, up to 4 693.

Social distance on the beach should respect people, not related to marital or cohabitation. This was stated by the head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova. She opened the safety rules during beach holiday in pandemic coronavirus.

“Aviewer” working RDIF and a group of companies “Chemrar” will be available to health facilities and will not be available for sale. On 29 may he received a check in the Ministry of health, but research will continue until the end of the summer. The drug in our country placed great hopes — the developers say that its efficiency is above 80%.

the Doctor of medical Sciences Anatoly Elstein questioned the importance of the new findings of the Chinese scientists about the origin of the coronavirus. Previously, scientists from the Chinese National center for prevention and disease control concluded that the seafood market huanan in Wuhan was not the original source of the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, and became one of the victims of infection.

implications of the coronavirus for the body very much, so scientists are developing a system of medical rehabilitation of the survivors. According to him, the hardest COVID-19 occurs in those who drink alcohol or smoke. However, among other categories of patients recorded complications such as disruption of the gastrointestinal tract, diarrhea, dysfunction of the kidneys, brain, peripheral nervous system, blood vessels, microcirculation.

According to him, the coronavirus can not be transmitted through Pets.

the Electronic system of registration of tourists in Crimea will be created for a safe holiday in a pandemic, the Ministry of internal policy, information and communication, Republic of. To take on the rest of Crimeans in compliance with the requirements of Rospotrebnadzor resorts can June 15.

Tourist places and camping in France might re-open in June with restaurants and bars. But they must follow strict conditions. A key factor for tourism business will be to repeal rules the maximum travel 100 kilometers. Beginning June 2, people will be allowed to travel inside France.

Global sales of champagne by the end of 2020 will be reduced by a third, predicts the Interprofessional Committee of champagne wines, join��of some manufacturers and sellers. In April-may from closing restaurants, bars and cancellation of celebrations of the sales of the drink fell by 75%. In General due pandemic, the industry could lose about $ 1.9 billion.

news the project publishes stories stars about their plans for life after it all finally, end.

the Actress of theatre and cinema of Valentina Rubtsova, known to viewers of the TV series “Univer” and “Sashatanya” and the program “Big difference” on the First channel, the isolation holds in Sochi with his family, but wants to get to work.