It is an online portal where you can see technological videoprocessing in verse and in prose, the well-known works such as “the frog Princess”, “hare’s hut”, “Teremok”, “the Ugly duckling”, “Aybolit”, “the Gingerbread man”, “the wolf and the seven little goats”, “Cinderella” and “Princess Nesmeyana”.

the Organizers say that in the framework of this project, Dr. Dolittle will appear unmanned vehicle, the Ugly duckling will use smart mirror, Gingerbread man – gyrometer, and the mansion will turn into a neighborly chat. The frog Princess will indulge in Instagram filters and to celebrate a birthday with Australian relatives on video, and Ivan to watch football on the saucer and lunch on site on the Kids will be saved from the treacherous wolf, who recorded the voice of mother goats on the recorder, with a bell with a built-in red button with a GPS tracker. Zlatuska graduate on the platform and fall on the three hundred and first season of the TV show “Cinderella 2020”. Chores it will record in Google calendar, the ball will go in the form of a hologram, and the Prince will eventually calculate his beloved on the IP address of shoes. Fortunately, its battery will not have time to discharge. Princess Atlantis will be entertained by a talking squirrel-Alice in a cage with gilt and bloggers from all principalities presentations fresh videos. And Baba Yaga will turn into a coach of bones meditation Woman yoga.

the authors of the old fairy tales in a new way were not only children’s writers but also teachers, inventors and even athletes: Anastasia Jogevamaa and Valery Bogatyrev, Alexander Nikolaev, Arina Chunayev, Alexander Nikolaeva, Ksenia Fedorova, Nadezhda Kosolapkina, Viktor Bezborodov, Dmitry Sirotin, Maria ay, Anatoliy Shpakov, Valentina Degteva, Dmitry Alekseev.

the idea of the organizers of the project and recorded the tales of actors of the Moscow Theatre on Perovskaya Anna nakhapetova (invited actress), people’s artist of the Russian Federation, Victor Nikitin, honored artist of the USSR Svetlana Varetskaya-Zagorodnyaya, Oleg Zhukov, Mikhail Malinin, Larisa Kapustina and Ian Aliyev theatre “Commonwealth of actors Taganka” – Roman Serkov, the Moscow musical theatre – Dmitry Fedorov and Julia Dulhaniya, theater “Our house” – Anastasia Jogevamaa and Valery Bogatyrev, and also actors of theatre and cinema Marina Barsukova, Katherine Sychev and Sergei Klyuchnikov.

“Today, many children do not understand the meaning of such words as “victory” or “upper room”, they since the childhood have an idea about artificial intelligence, klipovoy thinking, instant messengers, online shopping and many other signs of our time. The project “Technoscape” will unite generations and provide an opportunity to remember your favorite stories of classical works and reflect with loved ones on the subject of digital technology andNati the Internet culture of the XXI century”, – said in a release from the Agency of innovation of Moscow, operator of the Digital business space.

the Project is designed for children from 3 to 14 years and their older sisters and brothers, moms and dads, grandmothers and grandfathers. It is dedicated to the online forum “Children numbers”, which will be held June 1 in the Digital business space. Young bloggers and entrepreneurs, as well as progressive parents, psychologists and educators will discuss the principles of business, online learning, new forms of creativity and content.

Everyone is welcome to join the project “Technoscape”. It is enough to record on video their own version of beloved works with an innovative “filling” and share it in social networks with the hashtag #technoscape. The best stories will be added to the online encyclopedia of Digital business space.