Daily increase in cases COVID-19 in Russia fell to below $ 9 thousand people, the pandemic has contributed to an increased threat of terrorism in the world, and in France coronavirus could appear in November last year.

In recent days in Russia have revealed 8926 cases of novel coronavirus infection in 81 the region’s operational headquarters. The total number of infected people has increased to 290 678. Over the past week the rate of increase of cases of coronavirus in Russia declined by 23.4%, including in the capital, 47.5%, and in the suburbs — 14.6%. Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Tatyana Golikova has informed that in the country in the structure of cases of coronavirus 44% have no clinical manifestations, and over 50% of patients with pneumonia and SARS.

In Russia for 27 regions is ready to a gradual easing of limitations, there is an increase in the incidence of coronavirus is very low, said Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin. According to the head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova, walking to which people are accustomed to, will be possible only in the third stage of restrictions. The Agency also released guidelines for the organization of air transport. So, according to them, airline needs to fill not more than 50% of seats on Board and seat the passengers “through a”, in a checkerboard pattern.

the Reduction of infection rates allowed the European States to begin mass weakening or almost complete abolition of quarantine measures. New stages of the lifting of sanitary restrictions due coronavirus, start at Greece, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Poland, Portugal and Estonia.

But Brazil beat Spain and Italy and took a sad fourth in the world in the number of cases after the US, Russia and Britain. Experts indicate that the number of people infected in the country can greatly exceed the official figure due insufficient testing. When this President Zaira Bolsonaro sharply criticized at home and abroad for his attitude to the growing crisis.

One of the highest mortality rates from COVID-19 — in Belgium, the death toll there has exceeded 9 thousand. The steps taken by the government to combat the disease have been criticized. So, the staff of Brussels hospitals was met by the tuple Prime Minister Sophie Wilmes a silent protest.

the First patients with symptoms caused by coronavirus diseases could appear in France in November 2019. To such conclusion radiologists after researching 2.5 million x-rays. “Typical anomalies of the lungs, called COVID-19”, the newspaper Le Parisien, was discovered on the chest x-ray taken on November 16.

Scientists from the University of Hong Kong with the help of an experiment with hamsters have proved high efficiency of medical masks in b��Ribe with COVID-19 to find out that they help to significantly reduce non-contact transmission of the virus. According to the researchers, the transfer of coronavirus may be reduced by 50% when wearing medical masks — “especially when masked infected people.”

Novosibirsk scientists suggest a new technology of mass testing for coronavirus — on the exhale, with the help of Russian gas analyzer. Exhale is a complex mixture of about 750 volatile compounds, the so-called “metabolic fingerprint”. Analysis of human breath allows non-invasive control of biochemical processes, which makes the procedure accessible and safe.

the city Prosecutor’s office began checking the information about the leak to the Internet of personal data of violators of isolation in Moscow. Earlier media reports, it became known that the names and other passport details fined for violation of the regime was made available on the websites for the payment of fines by the number of charges that can be brute using simple software.

Statistics show: pandemic COVID-19 actually contributed to the resuscitation of the “Islamic state”* (IG, an organization banned in Russia) in the area of their traditional habitat — Iraq and Syria. Since January of this year on Iraqi and Syrian territory steadily growing number of terrorist attacks organized earlier gone underground groups and “sleeping jamaati” militants.

owners of restaurants in the world new challenges: in the open institutions needed to make us stay away from each other. Restaurateurs invent the most exotic ways. Read more about the places where you will be put into the greenhouse or forced to eat lunch in the company of an inflatable doll in a wig.

Representatives of small and average business is considered the most affected by the coronavirus industry, the restaurant business, the survey showed. In second place was the industry of fashion and beauty — 61,6%, the third industrial area of 48.5%. Easiest, according to respondents, the crisis IT-industry (81,5%), telecommunication sector (54.2%), and medicine (37,1%).

Test for the coronavirus of the defender of the Kazan football club “Rubin” Konstantin Pliev gave a positive result. Pliev became the second player whose test for coronavirus was positive. Saturday test Peruvian striker “Locomotive” of Jefferson Farfan also showed a positive result for COVID-19.