Despite the pessimistic mood of the majority of Directors and chubrukov Moscow theatres, all as one, I agree – it is necessary to save the private sector. First, they are deprived of state subsidies. And, secondly, a two-month quarantine questioned the very existence of many of them. Where to get the money and how to save acquired reputation from the approaching wave base art were discussed by the leaders of the largest independent theatres in Russia, as usual, in the Zoom conference.

for the First time in two months after the ban of mass actions of the major players in the private theatre sector gathered in a single network field – YouTube-channel-Theatre. Theme – the a burning. How to survive independent theatres in the pandemic without government subsidies and how to protect your audience from the impending wave of bad undertakings.

“can You imagine how cheap bad performances now going to flood the market, – says artistic Director “the Independent theatrical project” Elshan Mammadov. For so many years, we have won a certain reputation. But even great artists are playing that impossible to watch. Because there is a railway phrase – “I Have a family. I have to feed the children.” Against her you won’t say anything. In our area a huge number of nonprofessionals. Yesterday he traded in the market, and is now engaged in the theatre. A lot of them: and the so-called producers, and distributors. And now they are getting a lot more”.

the Venerable producer did not beat around the Bush and proposed the creation of colleagues in your own shop. “We need to develop principles for the existence of a private theatre. Not to oppose anyone, but to protect” – said Mammadov. According to him, will rise sharply it is a question of quality productions. “When we return, the audience will be very selective. People who are engaged in the private theatre for a long time and survived more than one crisis, you know what will happen”.

Almost all the participants (Sergey Petrakov, chief Director of “Quartet And” – Leonid Trushkin, the founder of the “Theatre of Anton Chekhov”, Irina Grigorieva, Director of the “Theatre of Anton Chekhov”) agreed on one thing – earned enough money until June, and then have to do something. But measures taken by the state for deferred taxes, and small financial assistance particularly weather will do.

And in the case of the Ekaterinburg theatre of Nikolai Kolyada, the situation looks really bad.

“the day theatre earned from 20 to 80 thousand rubles. The salary should be about 1 million 800 thousand rubles per month. We employ 65 people. 38 of them in the company. The maid’s salary of 15 thousand rubles, and the leading artists of about 30 thousand. For a provincial theatre it is a normal amount. Of course, I would not��O. And had to go to the people. That is to christrianity – please give money to the theater,” shared Carol. Despite the critical situation, the artistic Director of “Kolyada-theatre” does not fall apart and is proud that not a single person was fired.